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Per Sempre Alfa, the monthly magazine published by the Club, often has articles, stories or reports of lasting interest to Alfa Romeo owners and drivers. As they become available, selected articles are added to our on-line library for your reference and reading pleasure.

AROCA (Qld) - The Beginning
The year 2000 marked the 25th anniversary of AROCA (Qld). Two of our earliest members reminisce.

Alfa Aero Engines
The production of aero engines formed a relatively brief, but important, chapter in Alfa Romeo's history.

Life in the Fast Lane
We all know Alfas are bred for the racetrack so Kate Hutchings lets her Alfa Sprint loose at Lakeside.

Value for Money
Alfa Romeo's Alfetta - Michael Lew describes the joys of owning this model.

Our Fastest Member!
David Auger talks about his 1998 Bathurst 1000 experience.

The Giulia Affair
Keith Faulkner describes his month with a classic Alfa.

Life in the 90's
Les Midson sings the praises of his Alfa 90.

The Red Alfa (opens in new browser)
by Allison Prince. A story of two boys' friendship and their shared love of sportcars - Alfas included!

Montville Run 2002
The annual run up the ranges to this Sunshine Coast hinterland town is always popular. Keith Faulkner provides a report on the 2002 trip.

Alfisti Aerobatics
What could be more fun than driving an Alfa? How about taking its airborne equivalent for a spin...

Alfasud Tune-up
Ken Percival tracks downs a misfire in his 1.5 litre Sud.

A Super Story
As Ian Hyland discovers, when you buy a classic car, you get more than just metal and rubber - you also get a slice of history.

Alfa Romeo East Coast Challenge
If you have ever thought about getting into Club competition, Brent Hampstead's exciting account of the Alfa Romeo East Coast Challenge should inspire you!

The Alfisti's Wife
What's a dyed-in-the-wool Ford girl to do when her husband gets bitten by the Alfa bug?

Days of Wine and Poses (PDF)
Keith Faulkner heads to a winery for a magazine photoshoot with his Alfa Spider.

Simply Red
Should Alfas be any other colour than red?

Not just any red...
We all know red Alfas go faster, but just which particular "Alfa Rosso" is yours?

The A-Z Guide of being an Alfisti
Michael Lew, Alfetta and Spider owner, feared by foes and fences alike, provides an alphabetical rundown on all things Alfisti.

Fishbowl Restaurant, Redcliffe
A day run to this popular seaside venue included a treasure hunt.

Alfesta 2003 - Caloundra, Queensland
Lyn Wetzig describes the experience of attending her first Alfesta.

Alfa in the Family - The Sud
The Faulkner's first encounter with the Italian marque. We're hooked!

Alfa in the Family - The 33
Is there life after the Sud? Well at least the Faulkner's new Alfa is red.

Alfa in the Family - The 75
Finally - the big 'un. Possibly the best V6 production engine ever made, underneath the bonnet of a true sports saloon (and it's red).

Bright and Shiny
Plastic and Queensland sunshine - not a good combination. Keith Faulkner discusses how he keeps them maintained on his Alfa Spider.

Spider Seats Overhaul
Keith Faulkner discusses how he approached renovation of the front seats in his Spider.

Spider Door Trim Overhaul
Vinyl door trims looking a bit tired and twisted? Keith Faulkner describes how he renovated the door trim panels in his Spider.

Spider Alloy Wheels
Keith Faulkner tracks down and refurbishes a set of original Campagnolo alloy wheels for his Spider.

Spider Tyres
What modern tyres to fit to a classic Alfa? Keith Faulkner selects tyres for his Spider.

Spider Windscreen Replacement (PDF)
Tired of the scratches and chips, Keith Faulkner decides it's time for new glass.

Spider Boot Lid
Missing bracket leads to a sagging boot lid. Keith Faulkner describes his fix.

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