Mid-Week Drives

Our Mid-Week Drives give AROCA members the opportunity to get out and about in their cars with like-minded members.

Depending on interest, a Mid-Week Drive is scheduled every couple of months. People who have registered interest in participating will be notified by email about five days before the planned date. There is no minimum number of participants required for a run to happen; one member wanting to take their Alfa for a run is enough!

Mid-week drives

The usual format is an early morning rendezvous (about 5:30-6:30am, depending on the time of the year) for a 1-2hour drive in the South East Queensland area, using country roads wherever possible, and ending up at a suitable location for breakfast.

Flexibility is the name of the game, so drive participants are free to linger over breakfast or, if you must, head back to Brisbane for a slightly delayed start to the working day. Our destination usually provides the opportunity for some good old country fossicking, so don’t be surprised if you return home with an antique knick-knack, some fresh country produce or a few new plants for the garden!

The Mid-Week Drives are run under the stewardship of AROCA (Qld) which allows AROCA members with Alfas registered under Queensland Transport’s concessional "Special Interest Vehicle" category to participate.

Owners of other classic cars are welcome to join us on our runs, but need to be aware that they and their vehicles will not be covered by AROCA’s insurance or liability provisions.

The AROCA ex-officio Committee member responsible for organising the Mid-Week Drives is Tony Nelson. Tony is fortunate to own a 105 Series Alfa Spider and an Alfa Montreal, as well as an E-type Jaguar. He may turn up in any of these for a Mid-Week Drive and it's not unusual to see a few members of the Queensland Jaguar Drivers Club also join us.

To contact Tony, or register your interest in participating in the next Mid-Week Drive, send a message using the online contact form or email midweekdrives@arocaqld.com.

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