ALFAcomp Rules & Regulations

+ + + + These rules were updated on Tuesday 26 January 2016 + + + +


The best 10 results from the listed AlfaComp calendar of twenty events will count towards your overall score for the year. These are the only events that will count towards your AlfaComp score. This is to concentrate numbers of Alfa Romeos around these events.

AlfaComp will comprise four different types of events.

  1. Regularity - This will be a seven round series on the dates listed in the competition calendar at either Queensland Raceway or Lakeside. This is not necessarily a speed event and in fact there may be restrictions on minimum lap times achieved.
  2. Sprinting - This will be a six round series on the dates listed in the competition calendar at either Queensland Raceway or Lakeside. For these events, the fastest individual lap time achieved in the first 3 or 4 runs (depending on the specific event) on the day will win.
  3. Supersprinting - This will be a four round series on the dates listed in the competition calendar at Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick. Each run will comprise 3 or 4 laps of one of the various Morgan Park circuit configurations from a standing start and the winner will have the fastest run time of the weekend (individual lap times don't count).
  4. Racing - This will comprise a three round series at both Queensland Raceway and Lakeside as part of the Italian Challenge Race Series, plus a number of Historic Race events at Morgan Park. The best performed Alfa Romeo for the weekend’s combined results will be the event AlfaComp winner.

Racing requires an AASA National Race License and race car with roll cage etc. Sprinting and Regularity require only an AASA Clubman License and road or race car. For more details regarding vehicle and apparel requirements for racing, sprinting or regularity download the Qld Raceway Info Pack.

Supersprinting requires a CAMS Level 2S licence and competitors need to pre-register for the series with the Warwick and Districts Sporting Car Club. For more information contact Morgan Park Raceway or go to Morgan Park website and the CAMS website.

Miscellaneous Rules & Regulations

  1. Alfa Romeo cars, engines and gearboxes only. Other components are free.
  2. Points will be awarded on the following scale: 1st = 20 pts, 2nd = 16 pts, 3rd =14 pts, 4th = 12 pts, 5th = 11 pts, 6th = 10 pts, 7th = 9 pts, 8th = 8 pts, 9th = 7 pts, 10th = 6 pts, 11th = 5 pts, 12th = 4 pts, 13th  = 3 pts, 14th = 2pts . All competitors from 15th onward score 1 point. If there are 5 or fewer starters for an event, points for that event will be halved – i.e. 1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 8 pts, 3rd = 7 pts, 4th = 6 pts, 5th = 5 pts.
  3. Sprinting and Regularity events will be run concurrently for most events, with competitors receiving two separate point scores for each event. The exception is the FOIM Regularity which is a stand-alone Regularity event.
  4. Regularity Rules as follows:
    1. Three or four runs of 4 or 6 laps duration
    2. The lap time for the slowest lap minus the lap time for the fastest lap will be the score for that run (e.g. – slowest lap 68.53 sec, fastest lap 67.44 sec – score for that run equals 1.09 points)
    3. Timing to nearest 1/100
    4. The scores will be totalled and the competitor with the lowest total score wins the day.
    5. If you fail to complete six laps in a run, the score for that run will be 10 points
  5. Trophies will be awarded for: Overall Result; Racing; Sprinting; Supersprinting and Regularity. Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded.
  6. A "Rookie of the Year" trophy for best overall score for a novice in their first year of AlfaComp may be awarded.
  7. Highest points scorer over 10 events from AlfaComp calendar awarded overall Competition Champion.

Refer to the Event Calendar for ALFACOMP scheduled events. For more information, please contact the AROCA Competition Secretary, Mark Jackson (phone 0413122839 or email

Check out the track diagrams for the three regular raceways where ALFAcomp is held.

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