Fiat-Alfa Annual Bocce Challenge

Fiat-Alfa Annual Bocce Challenge

This exciting sporting competition began in 1999 and has turned into one of the most popular Club Night activities on the calendar. It is usually held in October each year.

The event sees teams from AROCA compete against teams from the FIAT Club of Queensland for the privilege of being custodian of this handsome perpetual trophy. While the FIAT Club is considered our sister organisation - united in a shared love of fine Italian motor vehicles - this doesn't prevent the Bocce Challenge being fiercely contested each year!

All AROCA and FIAT club members are invited to participate. Age (our youngest player has been 7) or ability is no barrier as coaching and hints are provided by professional Bocce players. The excellent Bocce courts used for the competition are located adjacent to Spencer Park, Newmarket. See map below - enter via the Foster Street carpark of the International City Church (formerly the Italo Australian Centre). Come along and join us for a great night!

Alfa Romeo - FIAT Bocce Challenge Honour Board
1999 - Fiat 2000 - Alfa Romeo 2001 - Fiat
2002 - Fiat 2003 - Alfa Romeo 2004 - Fiat
2005 - Alfa Romeo 2006 - Alfa Romeo 2007 - Alfa Romeo
2008 - Alfa Romeo 2009 - Alfa Romeo 2010 - Alfa Romeo
2011 - Alfa Romeo
2012 - Alfa Romeo 2013 - Alfa Romeo
2014 - Alfa Romeo
2015 - Alfa Romeo 2016 - Alfa Romeo
2017 - Fiat
2018 - Alfa Romeo 2019 - Alfa Romeo
2020 - N/A
2021 - Fiat 2022 - Fiat

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