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Club Nights are held on the second Wednesday of every month (except January) and are a great opportunity to catch up with your fellow Alfisti. Some special Club Nights may be hosted at venues such as automotive workshops and Alfa dealers. Details of those special meetings are published in the Club magazine and posted onto this website.

Coming Club Nights
Date/Venue Details
Wed - Aug 12 - 2020
August Club Night - This month’s Club night - Wednesday August 12 - will be available online. You will be able to attend from the comfort of your own home. Use this link to join us at 7:30pm: Click here for video Due to the current COVID-19 situation, our next Club Night will be held online. The committee has prepared a YouTube video to communicate the information that we normally communicate to members at club nights, which will premiere at 7:30pm on Wednesday, August 12th. You've been sent an email with a link to the video (also above). We can't really replicate online the 'catching up with friends' part of club nights, but I hope everyone understands that in the current situation. You do NOT need a YouTube account to watch the video. However, if you want to ask questions via either the comments on the video or in the live chat during the premiere, you'll need to sign up. Just go to If you want to sign up to YouTube, please do so well before the Premiere, so that you are ready. Alternatively, please send any questions to, and Claire will either answer as best she can, or redirect your question to the best person to answer it through an email response.
Wed - Sep 9 - 2020
Members' Club Night - AGM - September Club Night usually incorporates the Annual General Meeting. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, how and where the AGM will be conducted are still being worked out. Please keep checking the website for the latest infomation. [⇩ Download Notice of AGM Meeting and Proxy Voting Form ⇩]
Wed - Oct 14 - 2020
Bocce Club, adjacent to Spencer Park, Newmarket
October Club Night - Bocce Challenge - We are in consultation with the Bocce Club as to whether this event can go ahead this year. Check the Club website and magazine for updates.

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