Historic Registration (Special Interest Vehicles)

The Queensland Government allows concessional registration for historic vehicles (light and heavy vehicles that are at least 30 years old). Visit the Queensland Government Special Interest Vehicles website for the latest information, eligibility and application process.

For you application, you may need the following documentation:

The Special Interest Vehicle concession is based on the vehicle having a very strict and limited road use which is reflected in the reduced registration fees and compulsory third party insurance premium.

If you use your vehicle outside of the conditions of the Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme, you may face a fine or risk having your concession revoked.

You may also risk serious insurance implications if your vehicle is involved in a crash whilst being used contrary to the conditions of this scheme. If there is damage to your vehicle, yourself or others, your compulsory third party insurance and comprehensive insurance may become null and void.

Further information can be found on the Queensland Government Special Interest Vehicles website.

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