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  • For Sale 2004 Alfa Romeo 166  [View Photo]
    Late model Alfa 166 still running, selling unregistered but still drivable. 190,000kms. Good service history from Avanti, two sets of wheels, good lights, motor loves country trips, suspension hates country roads! Everything there for either refresh, donor car for another 166, transplant the 3.0 litre 24v engine to a race/road car. Car is in Brisbane. | $2,750 | Contact: Wayne, 0418966702, (Expires: Dec 17)
  • For Sale Alfa 156 Headlights 
    Early model Alfa 156 headlights in good vs great condition. Were working when removed from car. Sell or swap for later model plastic covered lights. Can deliver to suburban Brisbane. | $75 | Contact: Wayne, 0418966702, (Expires: Dec 17)
  • For Sale 105 series steel wheel 
    I was contacted some time ago by someone who wanted a 105 series steel wheel. I had to get it from my shed, which I've done, but I can't find the email where it was requested, so I don't know how to let them know! If that was you, please email me on and we'll organise getting it to you. | $Free | Contact: John, 0416171773, (Expires: Nov 9)
  • For Sale 2lt Alfetta GTV Engine Head 
    Full head, reconditioned about 5000km ago. In very good condition - just bolt it on | Offers above $650 | Contact: Stephen, 0734091138, (Expires: Nov 4)
  • For Sale 1ALFA Personalised Plates [View Photo]
    Queensland personalised number plates that will be the icing on your car's cake. If ever there was a real stand out plate for Alfa lovers this is it! The number plate: 1 ALFA. The current plates are red and have been protected in a tamper-proof metal and Perspex licence plate frame. Because I own the letter combination for these plates, I can arrange to have them made in a different style and colour (like a Alfa green) - the price would then be $2,500 to cover the cost of the new plates from PPQ. | $2,000 | Contact: David, 0412500558, (Expires: Nov 1)
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