How to Book for Alfesta

Making a booking for Alfesta 2020 is easy as A → B → C!

Your Alfesta booking is made up of your Accommodation Package (booked and paid directly with the hotel) plus your Activity Package, booked with the Alfesta organising committee through this website and paid directly to AROCA Queensland.

If you are only attending Alfesta as a Day Visitor, you must still register and make a booking for the relevant activity.

Please note that Alfesta bookings are only accepted from financial members of an official Alfa Romeo Owners Club.

A: Create an account and register your interest in attending Alfesta

Register you interest in attending Alfesta by creating an account on this website. Creating an account is free and only takes a few moments. Don't worry, just creating an account does not obligate you to make a booking or attend Alfesta.

Creating an account will allow you to complete your booking online as well as receive email updates and information about Alfesta.

Any information you provide when you register will only be used for Alfesta purposes. [AROCA Qld Privacy Policy]

Create your Alfesta 2020 website account to register your interest in Alfesta 2020

B: Book your Accommodation Package directly with the hotel

It is highly recommended you select and book your Accommodation Package with the hotel before booking your Activity Package. We have negotiated special Alfesta room rates and reserved a block of accommodation at the Burke and Wills Hotel. Once this block has been fully booked, we will not be accepting any more Alfesta bookings.

Remember, you must book directly with the hotel by phoning or emailing them - don't try to book via a travel agent or any of the booking websites.

Check out the Alfesta Burke and Wills Hotel accommodation options before contacting the hotel

C: Book your Activity Package via this website

Once your accommodation booking is made, you can now select and book your Activity Package.

Book you Activity Package by logging into the account you have created on this website and you will see a link to the on-line booking form at the bottom of the homepage. This link will take you through the process to select your Activity Package and finalise your booking.

Already logged in and ready to book you Activity Package? Let's go!

Please note that making an Activity Package booking through this website does not book your accommodation. You must book and pay for your accommodation directly with the Burke and Wills Hotel.

You will be able to view and update your booking at a later time by logging in and clicking the My booking link under the My account menu.

Payment for your Activity Package is to be made directly to AROCA Queensland.

Check out Activity Packages and pricing

Online is not for me!

Of course, we understand you may also like to take a more traditional approach and use a paper form. That's completely fine; simply download the form, print it out and fill it in. You can send the completed form to us by normal mail or scan the completed from and email it to us.

If you have any questions about booking, please don't hesitate to contact us - that's why we're here!

Day Visitors

Most people agree that staying "in-house" allows you to get the most out of your Alfesta experience. Accordingly, Alfesta is primarily organised, packaged and priced with "in-house" attendees in mind, some of whom will be travelling from as far away as Tasmania and Western Australia for this event.

We have given preference to in-house attendees when we have booked at restaurants and venues, and some of these places have a limit on numbers they can handle. Accordingly, we may not be able to accept additional attendees for these activities.

That said, our intention is to provide as much opportunity as possible for local Club members to attend - even if it is for just one activity.  

Alfesta 2020 Day Visitor options and costs

How to pay for your Alfesta experience

Although the Alfesta experience is priceless, we still need to ask you to part with some of your hard-earned money.

Don't forget to check out the Earlybird competition - get in early and you have a chance to get some of your Alfesta payment back!

How to pay for your Alfesta experience